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An Image of the Integrated Canine Behavior Logo and two images of dogs as puzzles


Understanding dog behavior problems is like solving a challenging puzzle.  Pieces like genetics, environment, early socialization history,  past experiences, learning history, medical status & more fit together to create the puzzle that is your unique dog.  At Integrated Canine Behavior, we take a comprehensive approach to understanding and solving your dog's behavior puzzle.   Sometimes the root cause of an issue is masked by environment or health, and sometimes it's genetics or natural behavior gone awry.  We zoom in to fully understand the piece of the puzzle that's troubling, then zoom out to understand how it fits in.  We work closely with veterinarians and other specialists, when needed; because sometimes, it takes a team of experts to solve complex behavior concerns.

A family working a puzzle together at the kitchen table with a dog nearby

we specialize in all types of canine fear, anxiety & stress including aggression towards people & dogs

We serve families with dogs of all ages suffering from one or more of the following: fear, stranger aggression, aggression towards people in the home, separation anxiety, sound sensitivity, dog aggression in and out of the home, leash reactivity, barrier frustration, hyperarousal and guarding of food, locations, toys and people. We also work with dogs with fear, anxiety and stress from unknown causes.

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